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April Walker, Author



April Walker is a Brooklyn native. This savvy entrepreneur and motivator is one of the givers and game changers who inspired an urban fashion lifestyle category that became a multi-billion dollar industry with her fashion brand “Walker Wear.” Often referred to as the Sacagawea or urban fashion, Walker was the a trailblazer who dominated the urban/streetwear menswear market. As a brand evangelist, her company, “A.Walker Group” has worked with many clients domestically and internationally throughout the years. Daily you can find Walker spreading love with her “Walkergems” via social media. The purpose of these Walkergems is to empower, inspire and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship by giving people the tools they need to design the lives they imagine and uplift communities in the process. Walker believes“by nurturing innovative talent, today’s entrepreneurs and visionaries are one step closer to realizing their dreams.”